Yoga Classes with Vanita Farquhar and Susan Hill

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Vanita Farquhar

I have been practising yoga since 2002 and Iyengar yoga specifically since 2005. I previously worked as an IT consultant and found that this style of yoga improved my posture and strength and, over the years, transformed my overall awareness or body intelligence. I love the accessibility, precision and detail within Iyengar yoga and decided to become a teacher in order to deepen my understanding of this vast subject and, hopefully, to help others experience some of the benefits I enjoy! 

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to attend classes with advanced teachers such as Abhijata and Prashant Iyengar during lockdown, as well as other senior overseas teachers such as Eyal Shifroni – author of a “A Chair for Yoga”. I consider some of the hall marks of Iyengar yoga to be its innovative and explorative approach, that provides inclusivity for all types of bodies and fitness levels. Once you start your learning journey and begin to develop your practice, it really supports you throughout your life.

Although lockdown halted classes at the church, I’m pleased to say that we’ve adapted well to online classes and the student community is connected and thriving. As we adjust to new ways of living and working, whether online or in person, our practice will continue!

If you are interested in attending classes, please contact me direct by mobile or email.  I am also happy to answer any queries before you decide to take part in a class. 

Susan Hill

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During my career teaching yoga classes, I have studied remedial yoga, which I enjoyed immensely and am able to help people on an individual basis to practise yoga safely at home whether there is a health or physical condition or you simply cannot get to classes. If you would like to discuss your situation or book with me, please contact me direct by mobile or email.